About Us

Since starting in 2004 Promo-More has proven to be a respected industry leading Apparel and Promotional Products Company

Specialising in Trade, Corporate, School and Sporting Uniforms, both off the shelf or Custom Manufactured to meet the needs of Clients

Complimented with an Extensive range of Promotional Products

Why use Promo-More?

As a B2B supplier Clients tell us the Quality, Product and Service has been above Expectation
Supply is within an agreed Timeframe
Clients also benefit from minimal staff impact

How it gets Done

  • Embroidery, Promo-More contracts to one of the largest commercial decorators in Australia
  • All formats of Garment printing are offered to suit your budget
  • In-house showroom with over 1100 Apparel and 500 Promotional items on display
  • Personalised Service, if you cannot make it in representatives can come to you within the Sydney metro area, National for any National clients if required
  • Before and After hours appointments, your busy working on your business
  • Fixed price quoting*
  • (*outside forces may influence this)